sistrums or sistra

sistrum (sistrums or sistra)

  1. an ancient Egyptian musical instrument, to be shaken, consisting of a metal frame holding percussive metal beads
    • 1983: She moved with slow undulations of her body as lascivious as the curve of Hathfertiti’s hair, and the sistrum with its singing wires was played by a dwarf wearing nothing but a gold purse and a few bracelets on his stunted biceps. — Norman Mailer, Ancient Evenings

7 letters in word "sistrum": I M R S S T U.

Anagrams of sistrum:

Words found within sistrum:

is ism isms it its mi mir mirs mis miss mist mists misust mu muir muirs muist muists mus musit musits muss must musts mut muti mutis muts rim rims rimu rimus risus rit rits rum rums rust rusts rut ruts si sim sims sir sirs sis sist sit sits situs smir smirs smit smits smur smurs smut smuts sri sris st stir stirs strum strums stum stums sui suit suits sum sums sur sus ti tis trim trims truism truss tsuris tui tuis tuism tuisms tum tums turm turms um ur us ut utis uts